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Warriors Once is a conservative website and blog to support the T E A Party movement. It is maintained by John Burford  organizer of American T E A Party Group. To contact us 386 938 1330

American T E A Party Group  was formed March 2009 in Lake Park, Georgia to serve the South Georgia and North Florida area. We have supported TEA Parties in Adel, Georgia and Glen St Mary, Florida, St Augustine, Florida, and Middleburg Florida..

We have organized three TEA Parties in Valdosta, two TEA Parties in Lake Park, Georgia, one TEA Party in Quitman, Georgia. and had booths at one TEA Party in Baker County Florida and a booth 4th of July Salute to America in Valdosta, Georgia.

April 2010, the American T E A Party Group placed two Billboards on Interstate 75 in South Georgia near Valdosta, Georgia. The billboards remained up until February 2011.

Our Group has meetings monthly. We stay connected and grow by email and TEA Party rallies.  We have 176 members to our Thinking Points email. Our primary mission is to educate people and grow support for the national T E A Party movement. We are members of TEA Party Patriots, Freedom Works, the 912 Project, and  N E Tea Party Network.

At TEA Party rallies we present videos from You Tube via a 50 inch  flat screen. We have our Tea Bag letters to four U S Senators and to the four Congressmen in our area of operation. We also pass out at no charge Thinking Point articles. To date we have generated 1735 tea bag letters to the area’s elected representatives and Speaker of the House. We have no way of tracking the number of Thinking Point articles we have given away but is in the thousands. We have added two T-shirts and a few bumper stickers we sell to raise money for our rallies.

Our best attended rallies have been the ones we held on April 15, 2009 and April 15, 2010. At both rallies we had over 350 people judging from the sale of letters.

We have a small core of people who put on the rallies and attend other TEA Party functions. We had five people marching in Washington DC on 9/12/2009 and it was a sight to see. We went back this year on 9/12 and we hope to see you there next year.

The name of the website was registered years ago and was to make a blog for conservative prior service and active duty military people to weigh in on current events and remember old times. Some how it never got launched.

Like a true member of the silent majority, I was too busy working, living, paying my bills, minding my own business to be active in the unfolding political events around me. Like so many people I though my elected officials were working for me, doing the right thing, and running the country.  It has been a slow and some what painful awaking to the reality I was dead wrong.

I decided to keep the warriors once name because I believe we are in a war for the very soul of our country. A fight we can not lose. We have let a small core of leftover 1960’s radicals gain enough power to slowly shift the direction of our country. It’s the old Frog and pot of water story.  It is a stroke of luck Obama is president, because he turned the heat under the pot too high too fast. The shock wave is still resonating around America. He was elected in November, 2008 and the TEA Party idea was born in February, 2009.

Our goal it to pass on ideas and information to help fight this war of ideas.


John Burford was born in Charlestown, West Virginia in 1943. He lived in Marietta Georgia from 1951 to 2005. He is a graduate of Marietta High School and has a BBA from Kennesaw State University.  He spent over seven years in the United States Army. For his service in Vietnam during 1968 he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Combat Infantry Badge, and Parachutist Badge. His service was primarily with the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. He is the author of three military history books and the co-author of a history of the 101st Airborne Division published in 1994. In civilian life he was a Manufacturers Representative in the South Eastern United States. He is now retired and living in Florida.

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